Monday, July 31, 2017

Five lesson Saturday and a freelance missionary (Amik)

This Saturday was Pretty busy.  We had five lessons and picked up a new investigator.  This guy is named Joseph and is literally a free lance missionary.  He is 39 years old and moved all the way from Florida to California a month and a half ago to start working with a church here.   From the lesson we had with him it seems that he was doing some work down in Florida and a church here in San Bernardino noticed and hired him on.   However, now after a month and a half he is getting kind of worn out.   The fascinating thing is that most of his personal and church beliefs match ours really closely.     
Anyway,  I do not really have time to email much more since I don't really have time because I procrastinated the day of my repentance.  However,  I will see you,,  soon.    

Have a good week! 

-Elder Enright-

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