Sunday, July 9, 2017

happy independence day (Amik)

Happy Independence day! 

Thursday was we  had two interesting lessons, the first one was actually right after interviews with President Dixon, which happened by the way.  The first one we had at the Mormon group home as we call it.  By the way that is its name because this area's three most recent baptisms were from that place, we had a lesson there with a less active member as the member present, we are working with him and the last lesson we had with him Elder Schmid asked him if he would want to come to one of the weekly lessons we had every Thursday.  And he said yes!  And he came!

The next major thing was the lesson we had with the Webers.  Not only the Webers, but President Dixon as well.  We had texted him the day before, but he already had a lesson with another set of elders, but then he called an hour before the lesson and said he could 
come because the other Edlers' lesson had cancelled.  Anyway, The Webers have been taught for a while except the wife wasn't there for all the lessons and so this was really their lesson one Thursday, and it was awesome.  It was kind of an interesting start because all the planning we did for the lesson was on teaching the plan of salvation.  However, when she was not there it kind of messed with that because the rest of the family already had that lesson, previous to when I was here, and they clearly already knew it and had the pamphlets. So we had no idea what was going to happen with that lesson until  Elder Schmid whispered to me about reading the Book of Mormon.  We switched and it was one of the most interesting lessons I have been in during my mission.  We started reading the first chapter of the Book of Mormon since they have had trouble understanding and apparently the time they read that chapter, which was before I got here, there was a lot of misunderstanding.  So we started reading 1st Nephi 1 and going verse by verse and then talking about the verses and helping them understand.  Then we read verse 13 about feeling the spirit and Brother Weber started talking about how he has been feeling the spirit a lot as he has been meeting with us and so we started talking and it ended with him being on date to be baptized on the July 8th right before Elder Schmid goes home on the 11th. Anyway, now our week is pretty booked as we prepare for his and his daughter's baptism that kind of popped out of no where.  

Anyway, I am kind of out of time because we have to head to dinner and this computer is acting all funky.  But you guys keep  having lots of fun and enjoy the fireworks!!!!!🐓 I was going to put a bald eagle, but all I got right now is a chicken.  that is close enough right? 

-Elder Enright-

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