Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 10, 2017 (Erin)


I hope everyone is doing just swell. Sorry I didn´t write last week. We ended up in Puebla, visiting a family and we did not have time to email before we got back to the house. But yeah I´m still alive and all. 

Hm...not much has happened these past two weeks. Just the usual, knocking on doors, talking to people and trying to convince them to come to church. Two SUndays ago we did get one of our investigadores to come with us, which was kind of super surprising because we had jsut started teaching them and the mom told us that were catholic and that they weren´t going to change, but sure we could come in and talk to them. Anywho, one of her sons lives with her, he´s 29 years old. I don´t know how to describe him. He´s super funny because he´s super shy. Everytime we finish a lesson we have to fight with him and his mom to get one of them to say the prayer, haha. The last time I got him to pray by repeating my words. Osh. So anyways, we´ve been working with them ,but slowly. Trying to get them to develop a better relationship with their heavenly father. So we showed up at their house on Sunday morning to see if anyone would go with us and the son was like "sure just let me shower and then ill come with you guys and bring my neice too!". So that was super awesome. And they fed us breakfast too, which was a plus. 

 I started printing up maps of all our little pueblos and colonias because the map that we have from the office is super huge because our area is huge and so you can´t really see a single street and in the mission we´re trying to use maps to note where all the members and investigadores live. SO yeah, I started taping them all to the wall so we can put all the stickers we have to mark where everyone lives and I´m pretty sure by the time we´re done it´ll look like a police investigation board, but I´m good with that. 

It´s been super rainy and cloudy for the past two days and I love it. Even though I´m super cold because I have like no decent warm clothes.

This week is our last week in this cambio and then I start my last 12 weeks, eek! 

 I kind of sort of permed my hair today...so now I have crazy curls and unfortunately I don´t have pictures right now because it kind of took ALL MORNING LONG. So, I´ll send pictures next week when i´ve had time to decide if I´ve made a horrible decision or not, ha. But hey, it was free from a member who we´ve been working on teaching and helping her family (and trying to get her husband to go back to church so he can baptize his daughter). so I feel like it was really more of a service and friending project.

Um...oh yeah! I remembered something super cool we did.  So we had leader´s council with the president last friday and we talked about how we can improve as leaders of this mission. We read all about Moroni and his standard of liberty or however you say that in english. But anyways president had taken one of his old shirts and we wrote our own standard of liberty or convenant to improve has missionaries and leaders and then we all signed it. and it ws just a super amazing experience and now their gonna keep it in the office and whenever new leaders are called they´ll get to sign it too. But hey, I got to be the first generation in this mission to sign that shirt. AND I DIDN¨T TAKE A PHOTO! oops, we´ll have to fix that. 

So yeah, love you all lots. I can´t believe how fast this year has gone by and I am so grateful for the oppurtunity I have to serve a mission here in Mexico. I love it with all my heart. I love my Savior and I love my Heavenly Father and I have learned  so much the need to trust in Their plan and work to put my will in line with Theirs. I love this gospel with everything I have and I have noticed the little things in my life that I need to imporve and change so that I can become more like my savior and reach my full potencial has a daughter of God. 

Miss you all dearly.
Sea Feliz!
Hna Enright


 Kaled and Angel 

 Hna Maritza

 My convert, Allison! I got to see her when we did divisions with the sisters who work in her area.

My companion and I waiting outside a members home in the cold. 

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