Sunday, July 23, 2017

July 17, 2017 (Erin)


So I got transfered to a new area. :( 

I´m super excited because I´m no longer an Hna Lider and even though I loved it, it was super stressful sometimes and I felt that I didn´t always have sufficient time to work in my area. So now I have all the time I need! Woohoo! I was a little torn about leaving San Martin. I really do love it there and even though the work was super hard, we did see some miracles and I got to know some amazing people. BUt now I´m in Grajales, out in the middle of nowhere again opening the area with my new companion Hna Herrera. It should be super fun. Elders were here before (And they totally left the house dirty which made me mad!) but President told me he wanted to put Hermanas in the area to see if the change would help the area out a little. I have a feeling it will be my last area! How crazy is that!?

Um....Hna Burgos and Hna Ferniza dyed my hair the other day, so don´t be so shocked when you see the pictures. It´s a little darker and I kind of don´t really like it, but that´s okay. In like a month or two I think it´ll be gone. 

There´s not really a whole lot to tell you guys. We attended a miracle baptism of two people last saturday that Hna Burgos and Hna Valenzuela had. ONe of them was alittle lady who had some legal problems and by chance they got everything fixed so she could get baptized. The other was a guy who was the only memeber of his family not baptized. He´s like 24 years old and a lawyer. I dont really know the whole story, but he changed a lot and was able to get baptized the same day. It was kind of an awesome experience. I love baptisms. 

So yeah...we put a baptismal date with one of our investigadores, Hna Esperanza, before we left the area. She´s been trying to leave her current living situation so she can get baptized but hasn´t been ble to find anything she can afford. Then the other day we were talking to one of the members about her and they told us that since they were moving and one of their sons was leaving on a mission soon, they were gonna end up with an extra room and she could live with them until she found something else! It was such a blessing, but Hna Ferniza and I both left so we had to leave the plans up to the new sisters that got there :(. That´s okay, as long as she gets baptized I´m happy. She´s been listening to missionaries for 2 years! 

My companion and I with my curls before they dyed my hair

Last district meeting with Hna Burgos and her death photo, haha. She leaves tomorrow morning for her home. I´m gonna miss her a lot.

Us girls being cool

Our ward acitivity that we FINALLY had. It was actually kind of fun. We did lBook of MOrmon jeopordy, sort of. And the Relief Society won! Booyah! Now my hair is dyed. 

A cool little bug I found the other day. It´s like a mini dragon from Harry Potter!

 At the baptism. Alejandro is that guy that got baptized and he´s smack dab in the middle. He´s wanted a picture with all the missionaries there. He asked president to baptize him. 

Messing around on the roof the other night before we had transfers

 Familia Varillas Aguilar. This family is amazing and fed us so many times , haha. 

One of the members in San Martin owns a sandwich and pizza restaurant and the sandwiches are named after groups in the Book of Mormon. Pretty darn sweet and super delish too!

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