Monday, July 31, 2017

July 24, 2017 (Erin)

Hola a todos!

I hope you guys are all enjoying life and everything. I`m living it up in my little pueblo that I kind of love. It does make me feel super far from everything and everyone. Especially since I have been smack dab in the middle of the city super close to the offices. Yep, not anymore. 

We worked super crazy this week and found a bunch of people to teach. The family we see basically every day is actually like 4 or 5 families that are cousins or  something. Some of the kids had been listening to the elders, so we went and met them and suddenly like 12 kids ended up listening to us. The oldest is 18 and then there are few that are 17, one girl who is 14 and the rest are little kids that are like 8 or 9. The parents aren`t super into listening to us. We`ve managed to teach a couple and say hi to others. We even got permission from some of them to take their kids to church, which was cool. They have like 3 houses together back behind a big door. So we teach them all outside their houses. Every night at like 7 or 8 we get there and they pull out chairs and come and sit with their pamphlets. It`s so super cute. We`ve talked to some of the older ones about baptism and a few of them are pretty serious about it. We got one of them to come with us on saturday to clean the church house, haha.

I`ll have to send pictures nest week because I don't have my cord, but yeah we have a little house for our church. There are like maybe 10-15 super active members here. And with all the less active, like 40 or 50 members total. We have a baptism this week! She`s basically a member, but when she got baptized before, years ago, they didn`t do the paperwork, so she has to get baptized again. 

 I can`t believe it`s practically august! That means chile en nogada!!!!!! Look it up, it`s a super amazing dish from puebla that I love and they only have it august and part of september. It`s a huge chile stuffed with meat and fruit and sometimes nuts. SO GOOD. 

Oh so trains pass here every single day and supposedly one of them is la bestia which is the train that transports illegals from here into the U.S. So that`s interesting. 

It rains and/or hails here every afternoon, which I love, but it does mean I end up wearing boots everyday all day and I`m not sure that`s super good for my feet, but whatever. I don`t really have another option for shoes right now because the other pair I have are from a member and they`re a little  small and tear up the back of my feet. I`ll have to think a little more seriously about buying a new pair. 

Well I love you all lots! Have a super awesome week!


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