Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017 (Erin)

Okay, so I have a good story for you all. Yesterday we had a baptism! It was scheduled for the morning at like 8am, but it was super foggy and cold and with the whole weird weather the president of the rama was not able to get to Grajales on time. So we decided we would have the baptism after church.  Plus we had to go find albercas because we have no font,  which I thought was a small pond or lake or whatever and no one seemed to really know where the closest one was. 
 Anywho, so during church we ended up with a good like 30 people which is super good attendance for our teeny tiny branch.  My companion and I ended up teaching gospel doctrine AND primary because no leaders showed up. That was okay because that way we could teach our investigators the whole time. Anywho after church one of the guys in the bishopric said he knew where the closest alberca was, so we followed him with president Hugo, his wife and kid and the lady that was gonna get baptized along with her husband. Just so you all know, albercas are not ponds or lakes, it´s a public swimming pool. The one we ended up at had a slide and three different pools. And did I mention that we had to pay to get in? yeah.  20 pesos for every person, to have a baptism. So we all sat at one table and sang and prayed and did the whole little devotional in front of like 10 people who were swimming and tanning. And then we went to the little pool that wasn´t being used and had the baptism ordanance done there. It was such an interesting experience to say the least, haha. 

This baptism was kind of a miracle. When we got here the branch president told us that they were gonna have a baptism our first week and I thought it was a kid that had just turned 8, but no. Apparently one of the ladies who recently moved to the branch had been baptized before in a little group but no one bothered to make her a cedula (sorry don´t know the word for that in english) but basically she wasn´t in the member records at all, so had to be baptized again. We talked to the mission president about what we needed to do, had our district leader come do an interview with her and yeah! she got baptized. 

I can´t believe it´ll be August tomorrow! in like a week and a hlaf I will complete 16 months in the mission. Also does anyone know how to recover missing files on a USB? I seemed to have lost all my photos. the USB says it´s still full, but nothing shows up. And i´m only a little stressed out about that because it´s kind of all my pictures from my entire mission!

I think that´s it. Love you all lots! 

Here´s our baptism that happened. Hna Francisca! She was super happy because she´s working towards a temple marriage with her husband!

This is my casa de oracion here. We don´t have a chapel. It´s out in the middle of nowhere, but thankfully they will be moving to another house the beginning of september that´s more central. But isn´t it adorable!?

This is what Hogwarts would like it if it were a Catholic church! It´s smack dab in the middle of Grajales and at night the little towers light up with green lights as if Voldemort himself were up there. 

 This is my companion, Hna Herrera. She´s crazy.

These are some of the kids we teach, being goofy. There are about 18 people living in this one place and we´re slowly getting to know all the kids and parents.

Here´s a...I don´t know what you´d call it, but they´re everywhere. Little places to worship that have big statues inside of Christ or more often of the Virgen Guadalupe. 

A pretty little lighthouse tower thing that we still have yet to go and see. There´s supposedly a cemetery over by it too. 

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