Sunday, July 9, 2017

June 26 (Erin)


This past week has  been a roller coaster of disasters and miracles, haha. All of the baptismal dates we had fell through.One of them actually called us and told us it was better if we didn´t keep coming over because she´s hiding from someone. SO that was interesting. Our family we had kind of sort of dropped us. Okay not really, they told us we could keep coming by but that they were probably not gonna get baptized on the 15th of July because their daughter is going to get married in the Catholic church and baptize her kids too, which is something that her parents wanted her to do a few years back because they're Catholic. So now they're worried what she is going to think and how they´re going to feel if they get baptized in our church and she´s gonna get married in the Catholic, like they wanted. I don´t know, it was a lot to take in. Argh. So yeah, but then this week we´ve had a lot of success with the members in our ward. We had a ward activity where we split into groups and went and searched for less actives. We ended up finding a family to teach. The parents are members, but are super less active. haven´t been to church in like 14 years. They have three kids, 8 years, 14 years, and 20 years old and none of them are baptized, so now we´re working with them. WOOHOO. 

Another miracle happened on Saturday when we went to one of the pueblitos that are in our area. We were gonna have lunch there with a member, so we went early to get some time to knock doors and contact. we said a prayer to start and promised to knock all doors that were possible before lunch and that out of that we wanted to find a family of 5. With like 10 minutes left till lunch we ran into some kids and their mom. We introduced ourselves and the mom introduced us to all her 5 kids. So yeah, in the middle of the field they were playing in, we taught them and invited them to church. Turns out that they know and work for the member who we had lunch with. I love being part of such amazing miracles. It truly humbles me. 

Lets i mentioned we´ve been going to a gym. That´s still happening for some reason, haha. But on Saturday, Hno Angel, the member who owns the gym, started teaching me how to box, which is like the coolest thing ever. Turns out that I kind of love punching things, takes off the stress. SO yeah, I did more of that today and man my super wimpy arms are super sore. But hey, I have to start somewhere if I´m gonna be like that super cool mom in Meet the Mormons. 

Later today we´re gonna go hang out with a family and watch a Disney movie. They´re pretty much less active. The youngest isn´t baptized so we´re working with this family so she can get baptized and they can have an eternal family and all that good stuff. 

Um....I bought ice cream today....and some nice recent convert and his brother that we´re teaching bought us tortas and soda for breakfast. It´s practically July which has me a little stressed out that time is passing by so darn quickly. Some kid brought his girlfriend to church yesterday and when we went up to talk to him at the end he told us, "oh, yeah she wants to get baptized so can you guys help me with that?", haha. Miracle. 

Love you all so very much. This week I have been able to witness the power that God has and how I can be part of bringing about His work. In the Book of Mormon I finished Enos and I absolutely love his sincere desire to protect the scriptures so his descendants can have the chance to read and understand the gospel, something that His people were not accepting at the time. How sad to have to watch your own people fall into apostasy and to only hope that someday, after you are long dead, that they will be more receptive. 

Here are some photos for you guys, Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Enright

OKay I´m not in this picture but I had to send you guys evidence that Mr. Bean is in my stake, haha. 

  I ate the whole thing, minus it´s eyes.

 And my companion and I. Because we jsut can´t take enough selfies. 

 How cool is this? I don´t thing I´ve ever actually seen a toy from Small Soldiers in real life. Totally geeked out.
This is why I love Tlaxcala

What I´m gonna do for Halloween when i get back.

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