Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Last transfer (Amik)

Michael and Cayenne have been baptized! And confirmed! Generally those go together, although I did hear a story about how a guy was baptized and then disappeared before the confirmation.  But that did not happen
this time.  Anyway, the baptism was on Saturday at 4:00, a bit later actually, but it was planned to be a 4:00.  Anyway, the Elder that baptized them came from the desert and was a bit late.  Also, the font was taking forever to fill.  So Michael and Cayenne were baptized in water that was not very high.  It was really low.  Besides that the baptism went smoothly and then the confirmations the next day also went well. Also, we found this week that Mikey has the same birthday as president Thomas S. Monson! So he turns eight on August 21st the day before I fly home and he wants to be baptized on his birthday,  his mom will likely be baptized with him.  Also, on Sunday, the ward had a baptism preview for the kids turning eight the next few months,  so since Mikey is being baptized then, he and his dad came to check it out.  His Dad is Michael, the one who just got baptized. And Cayenne is his sister.  So in the picture Mikey is the small Blonde kid.  Just in case I was not making any sense.

Elder Schmid, my companion, has now officially finished his mission.  He flies home Tuesday morning and right now is heading to the mission home for the dinner and final going home prep.  And now I am on my last transfer.  My new companion is Elder Brown and I will get him Wednesday morning.  I believe he has been out for nearly a year now. 
Also, now I will be doing my plan. The mission going home Plan thing that you were so excited about.  That my mission president is in! Apparently missionaries from other missions they go to the same airport as we do.  And a lot of the missionaries going home want to have their picture with him.   Because they all know him from the Myplan videos.
-Elder Enright-

Elder Schmid, me, and Elder Yuan. They are both going home,  Elder Yuan and I were in the same MTC

 Something we saw in Muscoy.  A part of our

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