Sunday, July 9, 2017

Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime? (Aislin)

  Hello, all you wonderful people! It's been absolutely beautiful here in St. Stephen lately and the smell of the wildflowers and barbecues and the sound of the birds remind me of Summery evenings spent at KOAs growing up. So I've been thinking about those days a lot and missing my super fantastic family (also, remember when Ronan was obsessed with the Primary song, Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime? Yeah, that's been running through my head all week). I'm so excited for your traveling adventures to start and can't wait to hear all of your awesome stories!

  We started off this this last week with an intense game of dodgeball last P-day. It was so much fun and I'm really glad that, after some hesitation, I decided to join in. I've never really been much for sports. I never know what I'm doing and just feel stupid pretending I do.But this time I decided What the heck, might as well give it a try. Every time I asked someone how to play they'd say, "Well, it's just like normal dodgeball, except for a few rules. You've played dodgeball before right?" Uh. No. We also played Ultimate Frisbee and when I asked for the rules, they all told me, "It's just like football but with a frisbee!" to which I had to respond with, "uhh. . . Ok how do you play football?" But that's fine I had fun in the end and got a really bad carpet burn from playing dodgeball but it was worth it. 
  On Thursday we had a mini Zone conference and afterwards, President Pratt gave all the zones permission to go sightseeing for three hours before having to drive back to our areas! He told us that it was because we have such a beautiful missions and he wants every missionary to get a chance to appreciate it. And he's so right. Seriously, the CHM is sooooo pretty! We were only allowed to travel in small groups though because obviously we didn't want to overwhelm other sightseers with a mop of LDS missionaries. They're already scared of us. Our group went to the St. John reversing falls (which are more impressive at high tide but we were too late for that. Still cool though) and Irving National park where we did a hedge maze and went to a couple beaches. It was a lot of fun! 

  On Friday we were heading out to visit a less active who we have been working with who lives 45 minutes away, and I was going 80 KM on the highway when a skunk ran out in front of me. So I ran over a skunk. Then we pulled over. And I cried. And then we went to our appointment. It was a rather traumatic experience and didn't help that our car then reeked of skunk for the next 3-4 days just to remind of the fact that I killed one of God's creatures. Sister Kilmer just kept telling me, "Hey, at least it was a skunk.

  On Saturday we went to St. John (again) for a YSA activity that our district had planned to help strengthen the YSA in our areas. It would've been super awesome if we'd had a bigger turn out (we had maybe 7 YSA and 12 missionaries). We played dodgeball and human Foosball and one of the Elders' recent convert who teaches Zumba showed us all how to do a traditional African dance - because the theme of the activity was based on the new Mormon message, The Music of the Gospel. And then President Pratt gave a short devotional which was super awesome! I'm really glad he came to too because he was our plan C speaker, haha. 

  Sunday was missionary Sunday and church was basically run by the three of us. How appropriate. Sister Kilmer and I spoke in Sacrament, Sister Kilmer taught Gospel Principles, Sister Ward taught Young Womens, and then Sister Kilmer and I taught primary! I kind of got off the hook because I've been sick since Saturday. But helping teach primary was a blast because I love primary kids. And our lessons were about how they could be missionaries so we gave them all little missionary tags and they were adorable! It made me miss all the little Sunbeams I used to teach.

  Yesterday we had a really cool experience while we were out finding. We were at an apartment building looking for a potential but he hadn't answered his door, so we left and got in the car and were halfway down the street when Sister Kilmer - who had been really quiet since we'd left the apartments - suddenly burst out, "OK, I'm really sorry but we've gotta go back or else this is going to drive me crazy!" so we turned around and went back to the apartment building to knock on a different apartment. A lady answered the door and let us right in. We had a quick restoration lesson with her, set up another appointment for next week, then said a prayer and left! Sister Kilmer told us that when we walked past the door she felt like she had heard a voice telling her to knock on it but she just brushed it off, thinking that we'd come back another time to knock it and then in the car she heard it again and knew she was going to go crazy if she didn't go back and knock it right now! Sister Kilmer was just bouncing when we left the apartment building again. Also, the lady - Alison, our new investigator! - told us that she was only ever home on Mondays so if we had come back another day, she wouldn't have been there! #Miracle #theHolyGhostisthebest

  Anyways. I have to go now. The librarians are kicking us off the computers so they can fix the internet. I love you all lots! Stay awesome and never forget that God loves you!!!

- Sister Enright

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