Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Day Only the Buddhists Were Home (Aislin)

 OK, so yesterday we went out knocking during Golden Hours (6-9. Prime proselyting hours!) but for some reason, very few people were home and the only people who were were the ones who said, "No thanks. I'm Buddhist." Apparently Wolfville is quite the Buddhist community, who knew?

  ANYWAYS. This week was so full of miracles and tender mercies! First off, to start off the transfer, Sister Barlow and I found 5 new investigators, which is pretty insane in the CHM. Our mission-wide goal is for each companionship to find 6 new investigators per transfer, and we found 5 in just a couple days! So, that was a bit of a morale booster for us, right there. Wolfville really is the promised land.

  OK, like I said, there were a lot of tender mercies this week so I'm going to have to bullet point them or else I'll forget one!

  •  RILEY - Riley is this six year old girl who we ran into Tuesday night, while we were proselyting. We walked up to a young mother - Hailey - who was outside watching two of the little neighbor girls. One of the girls - Riley - ran right up to me and Sister Barlow and gave us both big hugs! She then proceeded to ask so many questions! She asked what it said on our name tags, so we got to explain to her who we were and whose church we were from. Then she asked what we were doing out walking and we said, "We're talking to people about Jesus!", She looked at us and asked, "Jesus? That guy?" *Points at the sky*, when we nodded, she got the biggest smile on her face and said, "I LOVE that guy!". Then she started pulling the Plan of Salvation pamphlet out of sister Barlow's hand and asking about it. When I explained that it was Heavenly Father's plan for us to be happy here on earth she asked, "How do you do that?" BAM. We got to teach her the Doctrine of Christ. The whole time we were talking to Riley, Hailey was listening and got to hear all about our purpose, the Doctrine of Christ, and the Plan of Salvation! I just thought of that scripture, Mosiah 3:19. We have to become as little children, "submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love," and curiosity, just like Riley, in order to understand the simple truths of the Gospel! And sometimes, as missionaries, it's good practice to explain doctrines in simplified terms, so that even a child can understand it, because sometimes - more often than not - it's the best way for our investigators to learn. AND just like Albert Einstein said, "If you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it enough."
  • BIBLE VIDEOS - We found a bible videos CD in our house and I almost cried. So we've been watching lots of bibles videos, haha! #Tendermercy
  • ZONE CONFERENCE - Zone conference was on Wednesday and. . . WOW. It's amazing to see just how in tune with the Spirit President and Sister Pratt are. Both of their trainings helped answer some of my prayers and addressed a lot of my concerns of being a trainer and a daughter of God in general. During the closing song (which was a primary song, along with every other song we sang during Zone Conference. ALSO a tender mercy because I LOVE primary songs), I totally started crying because I was just looking at my notes and thinking about just how much I needed to hear everything President and Sister Pratt had said and then I just thought, "Jesus loves me!" It was good to remember that even though I may not always be lovable, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will always love me, because They are always LOVING, and that They would take the time to answer my prayers through the words I heard in Zone Conference was a huge testimony builder for me.
  • MAKAYLA - Makayla is one of the Young Women in our ward. She just turned in her mission papers and is super excited to serve! She's never been out with sister missionaries before so we took her out with us for a couple hours! I love her so much!!! She was definitely another tender mercy this week!
  • NIKKI - Sunday night we drove out to a town called Canning to do some knocking. We got to the street we had planned and parked the car, then Sister Barlow and I looked at each other and decided that neither of us felt good about the street. It wasn't necessarily a bad feeling, but just a uncomfortable one. So we both agreed to find a new street to knock and I'm SO glad we followed the Spirit and did what he said because if not, we wouldn't have found Nikki! We knocked on her door and at first she wasn't really interested but then asked, "Are you the people that have that big white building in Halifax?" we said yes, and talked to her a little bit about the temple. She told us that she was moving into an apartment right across from it! Then I asked her if she had read the Book of Mormon. She said she hadn't but she might give it a shot. We taught her all about Moroni's Promise and the whole thing was so cool and so incredibly Spirit-led that I don't even remember everything I said. The best part was how she went from being barely open at all to super warm and friendly. She told us that she generally was a person who needed proof and that that was why she wasn't very religious but then said maybe the fact that two Mormon girls showed up on her doorstep and invited her to read the Book of Mormon, just two weeks before she was moving into an apartment right across from a Mormon temple, was her proof and that maybe she needed to become a Mormon! Haha! It was so cool!!! The experience and the Spirit that was felt were such incredible tender mercies to me this week. Also, funny fact. We forgot to get her phone number to pass to the sisters in Halifax, so when we drove by I said, "Quick! What's her license plate number?" and we wrote it down to send to the sisters the next day! Haha! Luckily, the sisters know exactly what apartment building Nikki was talking about so they're going to look for someone, with that license plate number, moving in in a couple weeks. Sometimes I wonder what people would think of us if the FBI ever had a reason to investigate a couple of Mormon missionaries one day. . . Wall maps, area books. . . Our apartments are just a little sketch, haha!
  • THE FACT THAT THE FARMER'S MARKET ACCEPTS AMERICAN CASH - Seriously. Sister Barlow and I are out of money on our mission cards because we had to buy so much stuff when we first got here. The apartment was basically empty! And today we had made plans to go get ice cream with one of the less active YSA here and we didn't want her to pay for us, but all we had in our wallets was American cash. #tendermercy, Canadians are super nice and the ice cream was cheaper in American currency.
  • MORONI'S QUEST - I get to go!!! During the New Missionary Skype call on Sunday, I expressed how sad I was that I wasn't gonna get to go anymore and President Pratt looked up and said, "What do you mean? You're going!" and that's the story of how President Pratt made me burst into tears in front of a dozen other missionaries over Skype.

  OK, now just a couple funny stories and I'll go. While we were knocking Nikki's street, this cat followed us the whole way. So naturally, we named her Member Present (Mem for short), which I guess is kind of a mission joke, because part of our culture is that we always teach members present. So if we had a lesson with anyone, we were gonna pretend the cat was our member present, haha! Also, Sunday we were asked to introduce ourselves and bear our testimonies in sacrament meeting. So right after I had finished, I sat down on the stand and waited for Sister Barlow, right as our phone alarm started going off. In my bag. Which was all the way down the aisle, in the bag. At first I didn't even recognize it as ours because I wasn't used to the new phone yet. So I thought it was the elders and it wasn't until I saw them rifling through their own bags did I realize that it was ours. So I booked it from the stand the same time that elder Cox - and a member across the aisle - reached for my bag to pull out the phone that was still blaring an alarm. Boy, that was a good first impression for us, haha.

  ANYWAYS. I'm sorry this is so long! Hopefully you all managed to endure to the end, haha. I love you all! Remember to listen to the Spirit and that Jesus loves you!

- Sister Enright

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