Monday, July 31, 2017

The Light That is in Their Eyes (Aislin)

 This week we ran into this forgetful old lady named Cheryl. We actually met her a couple weeks ago and talked to her for a bit. She was very sweet, insisted on giving us some Ensure drinks, and asked us no less than four times where we were from. Like I said, she's very forgetful. We saw her out walking one day (she told us she wasn't going far but then about 45 minutes later we saw her walking down another street so we're pretty sure she couldn't remember where her house was actually located. So we said a quick prayer that Cheryl would find her way home again, haha) and we asked her if she remembered us. She looked into our faces real intently and then said, "No. . . But I remember your eyes." I can't tell you how many times I've gotten comments on my eyes, and just how many stories I've heard from other missionaries getting comments on how bright/pretty their eyes are, and it made me realize that we - missionaries and members in general - obviously have something that others can see only in our eyes. It reminded me of the story that President Monson told in conference a few years ago, about the LDS students studying in Jerusalem and how they had to agree to a no-proselyting policy. Upon hearing about the policy, one of the Israeli officials asked, "But what are we going to do about the light that is in their eyes?". I've come to realize that we all have a light within us and that light is our testimony of the Gospel and our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. It's something I've never noticed before, probably because I grew up in the church with family and friends who always had that light around them and so I unconsciously took it for granted. But others see it. #Matthew5:16

  ANYWAYS. There's some spiritual food for thought.  

  This week was mostly full of traveling. We spent 5 1/2 hours in the car with the elders, driving to and from Yarmouth for a district meeting. Funny how in most missions, if you drive 5 hours, you could be in an entirely different mission! Not in the CHM though. It takes us 5-6 hours just to get to another zone!
  On Thursday we drove another hour and half to get to Halifax for interviews with President and exchanges with our STL, sister Hird! It was fun to get to spent a few hours with her because we actually have a lot in common (love Harry Potter, love Disney, love books, etc.) and so had a lot to talk about. I love the missionaries I serve with (Sister Barlow, Elder Hoole, and Elder Cox) but they all get along super well and I'm kind of the odd one out in the group. They're all from Utah, they all went to High School, they all love sports, country music, dogs, trucks, etc. etc. etc. . . So yeah. I never have much of anything to contribute to their conversations, haha. Oh well.

  This Saturday we tried to use the car a little less, so we decided that we'd just walk to this potential's house that was only a 2 minute drive away. 45 minutes later we were hopelessly lost and decided that it would be best to just do some street contacting on the way back to our house (because we apparently cannot function without a GPS. HOW EMBARRASSING). On our way back we walked past this lady sitting under a tree, looking at some maps. We stopped and asked if we could share a quick message with her and ended up talking to her for a half hour! It turns out that her son went missing from the university here in Wolfville 25 years ago, and she and a friend are working on a documentary about the whole incident. We talked about the Plan of Salvation, and left her with a Book of Mormon (and she asked us to sign it for her!). I bore my testimony on eternal families and she started to cry a bit. It was really heart-wrenching, watching this poor mother who had been holding everything together for 25 years after her son's disappearance, start to melt a little with the hope that she would see him again one day. 

  Well. Time has run out. I want you to know how much I love you all and how grateful I am for the knowledge that families can be together forever! I don't know where I would be in this life if it wasn't for my family, and I know I would never want to be without them after this life, so I'm glad I don't have to be :) Stay awesome and keep making me jealous of you fabulous adventures! Love ya!

- Sister Enright

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