Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 7, 2017 (Erin)

Whelp, we went on an adventure today with our district to see some pyramids. I have lots of pictures, no worries. It was super pretty, but so freakin hot! I´m dying of thirst right now. 

Nothing super amazing has happened over the week. We had a branch activity where a total of no one showed up. Just us and the Branch president, haha. So they kindly gave us their pineapple they brought and we canceled the activity. :(  We also had a family home evening Sunday afternoon in our little casa de oracion and the attendance was only slightly better with an extra 2 (young adults whose parents weren´t home so they ended up with nothing else to do). 

Oh, I have a good story. So we´ve been teaching this family of about a zillion people. The one Friday we ended up doing a family home evening with a whole bunch of them that we hadn´t had a chance to speak to yet and that went really well. The same night 3 of our investigadores in this family went to the youth dance that the  district had. They got the kids to dance by giving everyone a paper and the people they danced with had to sign it and whoever had the most signatures won a prize. Well, our investigator won, haha! He teaches dance and does events but I guess he had a blast because he´s in like half the pictures on the facebook page and everything. 

So yeah...we brought fruit the other day so I´ve been drinking shakes made up of bananas, peanut butter, milk, and chocolate powder, which is pretty much the best thing ever. Also I had to buy Mangos because those things are so darn good. Also there´s fruit here called Tuna and it´s pretty good but today I found out that it comes from a cactus plant, which is interesting, But, hey, they literally eat cactus here. It´s not bad. They cut all the thorns off, cook it, and serve it with eggs or meat or onions. Not my favorite thing, but it´s better than chicken feet. 

Oh, so in my Book of Mormon reading I´m in Alma, when he´s having a serious talk with his disobedient son and he starts explaining the Plan of Salvation to him and mentions the whole Adam and Eve story. What I found super interesting is that he mentions the other tree, the tree of life, apart from the tree of knowledge. he explains that once they partook of the fruit and got cast out, God sent angels to guard the tree of life because should they have partaken of this fruit afterwards, they would have lived forever in their sins. I think it´s interesting because in a lot of cultures, there exist stories that mention adventures that people went on to find something that would make them immortal. And I think it would be interesting to find the origin of these stories because technically at one point there did exist a tree that had fruit that would make you immortal. The other part I found fascinating was when Alma is talking about where spirits go in between death and resureccion because at this point Christ had not come and died and risen. But anyways, so he mentions that there is a paradise and hell, or infierno. Here a lot of people (Catholics) believe in heaven or hell and nothing else. And I was thinking about the things that had been lost during the great apostasy because  we believe in this separation too, but it´s not forever. Afterwards comes the resurreccion and then judgement and then the degrees of glory, but I feel like some churches just ended up with this midway point, paradise or hell. It´s interesting no?

Okay, well I´ll send you pictures now. LOVE YOU ALL!

This is part of the huge family we´re teaching. I love these kids, they´re so much fun.
 A really really pretty flower I found.

This is Abish, she´s the branch president´s daughter. She´s so funny and cute and I love her name. We´re basically best friends.She reminds me a heck of a lot of my sister. The other day we were setting up chairs for an activity and she was bossing her dad around, haha. Oh and also she calls her dad, Pa, and I think it´s adorable. 


A cool statue thing with another skull. Apparently this culture was super into decapitation and self sacrifice and all that jazz. 

This is an altar of sacrifice (I promise I have more pictures than just skulls)


Me, Hna Hemming, and Hna Mounts

So pretty.

More prettiness

Another pyramid

My cute little district. Elder Navas, Yo, Hna Hemming, Hna Herrera, Hna Mounts, and Elder Hernandez

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