Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sorry it is late (Amik)

This week was pretty busy, we had one lesson with one recent convert and with the Bishop there.  It is a part member, relatively recent convert family, we read and discussed D&C 91 with him. 

Anyway, this week was really hot and this morning we went and played soccer for a few hours, so my neck is pretty sun burnt right now.   Anyway, we did get three new investigators this week,  one was during Saturday, while I was gone on exchanges so I don't have that one's story. The first one we got this week was a referral that we got early last week. It was a Facebook referral.  One of her friends had mentioned to her that she could get a free bible from the Mormons.  So we went over and introduced ourselves. She was very open to meeting with us,  along with her five children.  Also, they live right next to the church. Like you can practically see the church from where she lives.  We have not been able to have a complete lesson with them yet because she got called into work both times we were going to have the lessons.  The other person we found this is actually the father of the part member family.  The whole family is part of......

Stop.  This is where a few things change.   The previous part was written before Elder Brown basically shut down.  You see, Monday morning we played soccer with a lot of the other missionaries in Fontana and Rialto, including Elder Layton; one of my previous companions.  We played for about 2 maybe 3 hours in the heat.  I was goalie for must of the time so I was taking it pretty easy.  Elder Brown played his heart out and exhausted himself.  However, the final blow was when he went to hit the ball with his head and hit it with the top of his head, which is the incorrect part of the head to hit a ball with.  Also, the missionary that kicked the ball that he hit with his head, pretty much made it onto the national USA team and would have played in the Olympics, I think, if he did not injure his knee. So the point is that ball was going really really fast. So last part of Pday, that we set aside to email, was spent with Elder Brown lying on the ground of a carpeted cultural hall with all the lights off because of his massive headache.  Which, Is why we are emailing now.  

Now, back to the rest of the email...

The whole family is part of a really active family, that the mom called professionals Mormons, that were really strong back in their home country.  During the meeting we had with them Sunday night they were basically teaching us about the Restoration, and why we shouldn't go less active because someone insults you.  It was cool.   

A couple things I have seen in San Bernardino:

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