Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tender Mercies All Around (Aislin)

  Why is everyone so obsessed with malls? I don't get it. In case you were wondering, we spent a couple hours at a mall this morning for P-day. I bought some tights for winter but that's about it. Sister Barlow was super excited to go to Old Navy and told me not to worry, because "they have lots of cheap stuff." But I learned a long time ago that my idea of cheap clothes is much different from everyone else's.

  Anyways! This week has been. . . Well, full of ups and downs, disappointments and miracles, failures and tender mercies, as is just about every week in the mission field! But I want to focus on the miracles and the tender mercies (duh).

  On Wednesday, we were out street contacting when this old guy pulled over in his car to talk to us! I don't remember what his name was but he told us about how he had served his mission here 48 years ago and was just coming to visit again! How cool is that!? I can't even imagine what tiny barely-even-there Wolfville would've looked like 48 years ago. Probably even more barely-even-there than it is now! 
  We also met this nice lady while we were out knocking who invited us over to come talk to her. She told us that she wan't religious at all but just loved to see missionaries! We talked to her for a few minutes and she insisted on giving us a box of fresh blueberries before we left and she even invited us to come swim in her pool whenever we felt like it (it was a particularly hot day so that invitation had to be turned down with more than a little reluctance on our part). I love people like that! Even though she wan't interested, it was nice to know that there are always nice people in the world!

  Elder Ipson and Elder Kelinkopf came to our district meeting which we had on Friday instead of Wednesday like we usually do. Elder Ipson and Elder Kleinkopf are the mission trainers. They travel the mission (in a classy silver mini van) and give special trainings at district meetings. It's super cool! So we had our four hour training with them on Friday and it was a blast. I also had to give a five minute talk but we're not going to discuss that because it was horrible. I'm a terrible public speaker. ANYWAYS. We did a lot of roleplays. They had Sister Barlow and I do a roleplay in front of everyone but we had to have our eyes closed the whole time! It was harder than it should've been. I realized that I need to be better at listening to the Spirit when we contact people, which is something that I feel like I've been working on throughout my whole mission and it was frustrating for me to find out that I still wasn't doing any better.

  Sunday and Monday were so full of tender mercies, I hope I have time to list them all! Our lesson in Relief Society was on the talk Safety For the Soul by Jeffrey R. Holland. It's one of my absolute favorite talks - in fact, Sister Barlow and I had just listened to it in the car the day before! If you haven't heard it or read it, you should go do that right now! And feel free to cry through the whole thing because I sure did. Man. You guys must think all I do it cry! That's only partly true. . . All I want to say is that I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. It's the best book in the world and has changed my life in so many ways. I think the hardest part for me as a missionary is when someone rejects our offer to read the book. Whenever that happens, a little part of my heart breaks because all the Book of Mormon does is bless us! And that's all I want people to understand!
  Speaking of the Book of Mormon, we met this awesome guy on Sunday night. We only had 20 minutes to knock the street but we squared our shoulders and decided we were going to stick with our plan anyways and I'm so glad we did, or else we would have never met Dr. Donald Little! Donald is this 92 year old man who thinks he's 5'6'' but is more like 5'4". He also walks slower than a tortoise! One of the funniest part of the day was watching him walk down the hall to answer the door which felt like a solid 5 minutes. Haha! I loved it. Anyways. We talked to him for 20 minutes about the Book of Mormon! He basically just stood there and praised us and all Mormon missionaries. He's Anglican but ever since he taught a couple of Mormon girls in one of his university classes, he's had a lot of respect and admiration for our religion. At one point he asked us if we had to take a test before we came out on our missions: "Do they say things like 'you're too tall,' or 'too short', 'we don't like your opinions, you're too radical to represent us?" Hahaha! Actual quote from him. Eventually we had to leave but we left him with a Restoration pamphlet and he was so excited! He said, "Oh, I'll tell you what. I'll put down my crossword puzzle and read this right now!" haha! I can't wait to go back to visit him!
  OK, I'm running out of time and you're probably all bored of this email already. But I have a few more cool stories and I'll try to make them fast, I promise!

  Monday night, we met with our investigator Michelle who is basically the most elect individual you will ever meet. She was on date to be baptized on August 26 but she has been having some second thoughts and told us that she was feeling more and more drawn back to her Baptist church. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she LOVED it. She told us that she still wants to learn, she still wants to meet with us, she still wants to read the Book of Mormon, and she was completely open to us contacting her every day just to see how things are going. When we finished the lesson, we asked her to pray. At first she was a little nervous but we just went over the How To Pray section in the pamphlet again and she agreed to do it. Then we knelt in the grass on her front lawn and she said the most perfect prayer I've ever heard! I LOVE investigator's prayers! They're always so sincere and humble. 

  OH LAST STORY I PROMISE. Our Ward Mission leader and his family are pretty big Harry Potter nerds and when we were over at their house for dinner earlier this week, I told them about how my family always celebrated Harry's birthday on July 31. So yesterday was July 31 and guess who knocked on our door at 9:15 at night, dressed up in Hogwarts robes and scarves, with a pink birthday cake to share with us? I was so happy, I almost cried (*almost*. I promise, I'm not always crying!)
  Anyways. So they're basically my favorite family ever now. I'll send a picture because I have a new camera cord now!

  Love you all! Happy Harry Potter day! Remember to read the Book of Mormon and look for the tender mercies in you life because I can promise you, they're EVERYWHERE

- Sister Enright

You can't tell, but the cake says "Happee Birthday, Hary." written in green icing :)


Tender mercy #4768, we live right next to a lot of a little Farmer's Markets so of course I spoil myself and buy lots of fresh raspberries whenever I can :)

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