Monday, June 18, 2018

Chocolate Chip Chickens on a Choo Choo Train (June 12, 2018)

(I promise, that title will make sense soon)

OH YOU GUYS, this has been such a crazy good week!!! This is literally my favourite companionship. We just have so much fun together and have so much love for the work between the three of us that it makes me happier and happier every day to be serving with them! Sister Bond is so awesome and such an incredibly skilled missionary, and sister Silvenoinnen is so funny and sassy and loves the gospel so much! It's fun to get to help her with the language and listen to her bear simple and powerful testimony to the people we talk with. She's so guided by the Spirit! Language study is fun! We all get in on it and our goal is to help sister Silvenoinnen be able to do a Canadian accent by the end of this transfer! Her English is already very good but she has a hard time with the accent and sounding out the words. It's hard for her to make the "Ch" and "Tr" sounds, so we've written out sentences to help her with them, like "chocolate chip chickens on a choo choo train." (Told you it would make sense) Haha, we probably spend the majority of language study laughing!

Anyways, let me tell you about some of the fantastic miracles that have happened this week. 

  We got to see and hear from Elder David A. Bednar on Friday! Oh it was a dream come true! I wish I could give you a full-blown play-by-play of the entire evening but that would take too long. We had to get there about 3 hours early because we (the missionaries) were all ushers. It was so much fun! Elder Bednar and his wife did a question and answer session rather than talks, which was super cool. One of my favourite things he said was when he was talking about the importance of listening to the Spirit during the conference and he said, "the ultimate objection of tonight is for you to hear what we do not say." And it's true! Though I didn't get the chance to personally ask him a question, I took a short list of questions with me that night that I had thought and prayed about and was hoping to get answers to - and through the his answers to other people's questions, he answered every single one of mine!!! I just love that we have apostles and prophets today! What a blessing! 

Another miracle we saw this week was on Sunday! There's this very active family here whose 14 year old daughter isn't baptized because her bio mom wouldn't let her but just this last week she finally gave permission! So she is going to be staying with her dad and stepmom next week (they're both active members) and we will start teaching her then!!! I'm just so excited for them! She's been waiting for such a long time to get baptized and she's so ready for it! I knew that as long as I was obedient and kept working hard, I would have the opportunity to see someone enter the waters of baptism, and now it's finally going to happen! I'm just so happy for her and her family, I nearly cried when her parents told me! 

Anyways. Today was such a fun p-day! We went to haunted house in Kensington which really wasn't super scary and we were the only ones there because tourist season has barely started, so it was a lot of fun! Then we went to Cabot beach which was so beautiful! Next time I go, I want mom and dad to come see it with me, ok? Ok. 

Love you all so much!!! This week I want you to each to pick one of your favourite conference talks and study it again! Then you can send me what you learn! Ever since Elder Bednar's fireside I've just been reminded of how blessed we are to live in a time where we have modern day prophets and apostles. Seriously. So blessed!!! I'm so grateful to be sharing the beautiful message of the restoration with the people here in PEI. Before my mission, I don't think I ever really stopped to think about the impact that a fourteen year old's prayer could make on the world, but now it's really all I can think about and it makes me more and more grateful every day.

Love you!

- Sister Enright 

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